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Immersive production company – 360 degree films

TV Logic founded 2015 is an immersive production company and content agency based in Cologne one of the media capitols in Germany. We produce 360 degree films from the very first concept including the distribution to the various VR headsets. Although we have a strong focus on 4K 360 degree productions, we also work on complex immersive 3D. In 2017 we started 360 degree livestreamings – a new and impressive possibility to broadcast events live.

By combining the professional audiovisual experience creative and technical skills of our team we always deliver high-quality immersive content. We developed a deep understanding of how the medium works and what technical issues occur in the making, processing and distribution of immersive content with focus on the new possibilities in 360 degree story telling. Producing some image films for some of the biggest industrial enterprises we developed some ideas for 360 reports and documentariess and would be delighted to present our ideas to you.